Frequently Asked Questions

Cooking pizza to perfection means placing it on a very hot oven floor at a temperature of 750 -650 degrees F. This way pizza will take 3 minutes to be ready.

You can use the same variety of metal, terra cotta, ceramic and other ovenproof pans that you use in your regular oven, provided you don’t place them directly by the flame.

You can cook everything from pizza to roasted meat, grilled fish, vegetables, pasta, bread, and desserts. Typically food will cook a bit faster (15 minutes approx.) in a wood burning oven than it does in a regular kitchen oven. See our Italian Recipes section for more information on how to cook in an Italian pizza oven.

Our wood fired ovens are made of expanded clay and refractory materials. Expanded clay is raw clay that has been heated in a rotating furnace to high temperatures in the excess of 2,200°. After the clay almost liquefies, taking the form of small balls, it is subjected to air currents to cool it down. Before the clay liquefies, it forms small balls. It is then subjected to cooling currents of air. The result is small irregularly formed balls of clay that have a hard crust and inner porous nuclei. The inner core is light and highly insulating allowing the capture and retention of heat while the outer layer resists compression. These newly formed balls of clay are similar to pumice and have exceptional thermal properties.

Our pizza ovens, just like a brick oven, are pretty much self-cleaning. The fire and the heat burn off pretty much everything, from fallen food particles to oil and grease stains. Once the oven is cold, all you have to do is gently brush out the ashes and the pizza oven is ready to be fired up again!

Each wood burning oven model comes with instructions for installation and use. The Italians have perfected the building of wood fired ovens and have streamlined the construction with the creation of these easy-to-install pizza oven kits. Any contractor or mason can easily build our modular ovens. On this website you will find downloadable specification sheets, photos, and details on how to install your outdoor pizza oven.

Dry hardwood such as oak, almond, fruitwood (peach, plum), walnut, avocado, olive, pecan, and eucalyptus. Avoid the use of resinous wood such as pine or spruce. Incidentally, it is easier to start a fire in a wood fired oven than it is to start it in a fireplace. For more information see our Firewood section.

The fire is started right on the oven floor. First you build the fire close to the opening of the oven, after a while you move it to the middle of the oven floor and finally, when the oven is hot and ready for cooking, you move the fire to the side or alternatively you take the coals out completely.

Be sure to view our Build a Fire video. There is a lot more information on how to cook in our pizza ovens in our How to Cook and Wood-Fired Recipes sections.

We carefully crate our pizza ovens and then ship them throughout the US by common carrier. From the time of your order, it takes approx. 7 days to receive your oven, which will be unloaded at the curb, where after opening the crate, each oven element can be moved to location by two people. We guarantee our shipments.

When deciding on the size, you need to look at the space you are planning for your kitchen or outdoor entertainment area. Generally, if space is not an issue, consider choosing a larger model because in the overall cost of building the increment in cost is low and you get more cooking space. However, if you are limited by space requirements or budget, remember that the Model 80 oven, our smallest oven, performs to perfection the same tasks, just in smaller quantities. For more details on all our ovens scroll down our Ovens for the Home page.

Our wood fired ovens take approximately 1 hour to heat up for the smaller to medium size models and 1 hour ½ for the large models. Once the pizza ovens are hot, they stay so for a long time and you can cook many dishes as the ovens gradually cool down.

The Italians have designed our high-quality wood fired ovens so that they can be assembled on site in order to reduce the hassle, risk, and expense of building a brick pizza oven from scratch. Brick ovens can take a long time to build and require a skilled mason specialized in these projects. In contrast to brick ovens, purchasing a wood fired oven kit from Los Angeles Ovenworks will simplify your building process and allow you to spend more time on the design of your indoor or outdoor kitchen.

Our wood fired ovens are handcrafted by artisans on the island of Sardinia, in Italy, and are made from high-quality expanded clay and refractory materials. The careful manufacturing process has earned it the certification, making these ovens a true blend of traditional and modern techniques. The simple design so popular in Italy — with the curved dome and the floor elements fitting inside the surrounding walls — makes them very energy-efficient.