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My Wood-Fired Oven is Ready for Spring!

Have been too busy to post a blog lately… and that’s because I have been in the garden getting the weeds out and the seedlings in. Tomatoes are such an important staple when it comes to pizza, and we kept seeds from last year’s favorite, growing tomatoes indoors in the sunroom while preparing the soil with plenty of organic nourishment to welcome their growth outdoors.

I am making more space for edible plants in my front yard as well, nestling some artichokes between the hollihocks. Soon the tomatoes will join them and there will still be space to add the zucchini later on. I find the whole process very rewarding, from sprouting the first seed to canning my tomato harvest, the sauce being fabulous on wood fired pizza among its other million uses.

Jules and the Renaissance Mamas
Peter demonstrated pizza
Pizza tasting!

Basil, oregano, sage, rosemary, thyme are easily grown in containers that you can keep close to use in your cooking. It is super important to have good ingredients when cooking, and when not home grown, the best way to buy good produce is through your local farm or farmer’s market. And the farmer’s market is exactly where you will find my neighbor and friend Jules Blaine Davis. Jules started Renaissance Mamas to inspire women in the kitchen and to help them make healthy and sustainable choices. Her cooking is intuitive and has a lot of flair, always bringing to the table her latest finds and surprises!

The Renaissance Mamas gathered around the pizza oven for a demonstration of how easy it is to make your own pizza dough and various garnishes. We tried out the potato, gruyere, and truffle garnish (see my January 2010 blog entry) and we also made some baby artichoke and sage pizza. The weather was sunny and beautiful, it turned out to be a relaxing and fun class!

We cook by the oven often, so don’t be shy, call us if you are in town and come over to see how easy it is to make gourmet food in one of our wood fired ovens!

Buon appetito.

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