Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular as a way to extend the home into the garden and enjoy wood fired cooking and grilling. In planning for your backyard heaven, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The way you will outfit your outdoor kitchen depends on your budget and the time you will be spending outdoors. The basic appliances of the traditional outdoor kitchen are the wood-fired oven, the barbecue, and the fireplace.

Sufficient counter space for food preparation and serving is also important, along with storage space. Think of where you are going to seat your family and friends and plan for a cover, a roof, or umbrellas if your backyard kitchen area is in a sunny location.

Many appliances such as sinks, small refrigerators, wine coolers, space heaters, etc. are not vital but can certainly make life comfortable and create a great outdoor entertainment area to enjoy with your guests.

As you assess your needs and design your outdoor kitchen, you will find a lot of information throughout this website that can help. There's a section devoted to Choosing your Pizza Oven that focuses on the different Italian pizza ovens we offer to advise you on what size oven to choose.

Once you've decided the oven model you want, you will need to incorporate it into your outdoor kitchen plans. To give you and your contractor an idea of how much space is needed, download and print out these specification sheets (PDF format).

Downloadable Specification Sheets

Gable Roof with Concrete Masonry-style Specifications:

It is always great to see what others have done in building their outdoor and indoor ovens, so check out the Outdoor Kitchen Design Photos where you may find inspiration for your own project.

Any contractor or mason can easily install our wood burning ovens in your home or backyard. To get an idea of the process involved take a look at How to Install your Outdoor Pizza Oven.

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