Video – Build a Fire in Your Wood-Fired Oven

Build a Fire in Your Wood Fired Oven

Start out with seasoned hardwood. Remember that split logs burn much easier since they have more fuel surface area. There’s a lot more information about hardwood and how to use it under the tab How to Cook at

Place three pieces of wood along the periphery of a box fire. Build a box fire in the middle of the oven floor. Light only the box fire pieces and the periphery logs will self-ignite later, creating a very nice bed of coals in 1 hour’s time.

By using a food grade, non-toxic fire starter and dry hardwood, you eliminate the need for kindling.

The metal door is removable and allowing you to place it outside the arch during the firing stage so that there’s room for air to enter, yet channeling the smoke up in the chimney. Once the oven is warm you no longer need the oven in this position and you will use it only to regulate the temperature when needed.

When the wood has burned down to coals, you will move the coals either to the right or the left side of the oven by using an ash stick. Stacking the coals on the side will let the heat circulate up towards the dome and then back down onto the oven floor for continuous heat as you cook your pizza, your meat, etc.

To gage the temperature use an infrared handheld thermometer, point and click to get the temperature of any surface inside the oven.

You will now have a nice bed of coals stacked on one side of your pizza oven, add a small log to it and wait 15 minutes for the heat to equalize, then sweep the floor with a natural bristle brush.

When the floor registers around 650°F you are ready to bake your first pizza!

Keep a small log on the fire with a moderately robust flame, as this will maintain the floor temperature nice and hot between pizzas. Pizza pies will absorb a significant amount of heat from the floor and by keeping a small flame on the side you will keep the oven floor evenly hot for the next pizza.